Bachelor of Science Program in Animal Science

Bachelor of Science Program in Animal Science

1. Curriculum name

Bachelor of Science Program in Animal Science

2. Degree name and field of study

Full degree title Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
Initial degree title
B.Sc. (Animal Science)

3. Curriculum Philosophy

The program aims to produce graduates with knowledge of animal science who are ready to work and possess knowledge integration with innovation to help solve problems in animal science, with ability to learn and adapt to innovate according to changes in global situation. The program also emphasizes morality, ethics, academic and professional ethics.

4. Expected learning outcomes

1. Manage industrial livestock raising; animal feeding; breeding; calculation of production capacity and production costs.
2. Plan for biosafety management in animal husbandry and management of animal products, food safety and the choice of environmental management methods of the livestock farm with regards to social responsibility as appropriate.
3. Apply marketing principles to livestock production to enter into entrepreneurship. Solve problems in livestock production by creatively integrating knowledge and modern technology or innovation.
4. Use appropriate methods of academic communication in animal science in conjunction with information technology. As well as having leadership; follower; life-long learning; working with others and a person who has ethics, morals and professional ethics

5. Admission criteria

Applicant must hold a high school diploma or another certificate as specified by the Ministry of Education.

6. Duration of study

Academic Undergraduate Program, 4-Year Program

7. Curriculum structure and requirements credits


Number of credits. The total credit is not less than 144 credits.
Course Structure
(1) General Education Not less than 30 credits
(2) Specific Education Not less than 108 credits
(2.1) Core subject Total 13 credits
(2.2) Required subjects Total 68 credits
(2.3) Planned selective subjects Not less than 27 credits


Plan 1 Co-operative Education

Required subjects Total 18 credits
710 491 Co-operative Education 1 9(0-27-0)
710 492 Co-operative Education 2 9(0-27-0)
Professional selective subjects Not less than 9 credits


Plan 2 Senior Project(Senior Project)

Required subjects Total 12 credits
710 487 Senior Project 3(0-9-0)
710 491 Co-operative Education 1 9(0-27-0)
Professional selective subjects Not less than 15 credits


Plan 3 Work Integrated Learning

Required subjects Total 12 credits
710 359 Work Integrated Learning 1 6(0-18-0)
710 493 Work Integrated Learning 2 6(0-18-0)
Professional selective subjects Not less than 9 credits
Professional selective subject in enterprise Not less than  6 credits
710 359 Industrial Swine Production Management 3(2-3-4)
710 389 Raw Material and Raw Material Technology 3(2-3-4)
710 458 Diseases and Sanitation in Pig Farm 3(2-3-4)
710 488 Quality System in Feed Mill 3(2-3-4)


(3.) Free selective


Not less than


6 credits


Note * The curriculum is currently being renovated for use in 2021, therefore the course structure information is subject to change.

8. Prospective Careers for Graduates Or Possible Careers after Graduation

8.1 Animal husbandry / animal science; academic researchers and scientists in government agencies related to livestock, such as the Department of Livestock Development, Department of Agricultural Extension. Department of Agriculture, Department of Community Development, and local administrative organizations.
8.2 Agricultural scientist; community developer; agricultural extension agents and authorities of state enterprises and private sectors
8.3 Farm animal husbandry; Promotion Animal Husbandry; Farm Experiment animal husbandry and animal husbandry in hatchery.
8.4 Animal nutritionist in quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) at feed mill.
8.5 Sale representative.
8.6 Animal processing plant staff and the quality control officer of the livestock products.
8.7 Bank staff for Agriculture and Cooperatives including other commercial banks.
8.8 Farm business owners and self-employed business owners.

9. Study Location

Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology, Silpakorn University, Phetchaburi IT Campus. Postal Address: 1 Moo 3 Cha-am-Pranburi Road, Sampraya Sub-district, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi, Thailand. 76120

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11. Revised curriculum or Update Date

1 December 2020

12. TQF2

วท.บ.สัตวศาสตร์ ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2564 / (ฉบับเสนอสภามหาวิทยาลัย)

วท.บ. สัตวศาสตร์ ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2560

วท.บ. สัตวศาสตร์และเทคโนโลยีการเกษตร ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2555

วท.บ. สัตวศาสตร์และเทคโนโลยีการเกษตร ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2547

13. Student handbook

student handbook Academic year 2022 Download

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