Bachelor of Science Program in Agricultural Leadership and Communications

Bachelor of Science Program in Agricultural Leadership and Communications

1. Name of Curriculum

Bachelor of Science Program in Agricultural Leadership and Communications

2. Degree Name and Program

Full degree title Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Leadership and Communications)
Initial degree title
B.Sc. (Agricultural Leadership and Communications)

3. Philosophy of Curriculum

Aim to produce graduates with knowledge and skills to become agricultural developers and communicate agriculture with leadership. Able to create media and use communication technology to drive local agricultural development, communities and nations.

4. Objectives of Curriculum

1. Explain agricultural content according to academic principles with both Thai and English communication skills.
2. Planning financial management, human resources marketing and public relations.
3. Initiate opinions or make decisions with principles and reasons. Collaborate with others as leaders and followers.
4. Choose the right communication techniques in both Thai and English.
5. Design agricultural content for media production, accurate, appropriate, clear, ethical.
6. Create agricultural media and present content with academic accuracy and clearness to the point.
7. Organize training or organize social activities and promote agriculture by complying with the Code of Conduct.

5. Student’s Qualification

Must be a high school graduate or other diploma, according to the Ministry of Education.
1.1 Applicants must hold not less than high school certificate or equivalent.
1.2 Applicants must pass the entrance exam accordance with Admission Criteria of the higher Education office/ or the undergraduate Study Regulations of Silpakorn University.

6. Curriculum Operationกษา

Undergraduate Academic Program 4 Years
Course Time and Date
Or in accordance with announcement of Silpakorn University

7. Curriculum structure and requirements credits

Number of credits, including throughout the course Not less than 134 credits
Curriculum Structure
(1) General Education not less than 30 credits
(1.1) Compulsory Subjects total 24 credits
Social Skills and Life Skills Group
Language Courses Group
Corporate Social Responsibility Group
Entrepreneurship Group
(1.2) Elective Courses not less than 6 credits
(2) Specific Subjects not less than 98 credits
(2.1)Core Subjects total 33 credits
(2.2)Compulsory Subjects total 50 credits
(2.3)Elective Courses not less than 15 credits
(3)Free Elective Courses not less than 6 credits

8. Prospective Careers for Graduates Or Possible Careers after Graduation

1. Instructor
2. Government employees
3. Agricultural trainers and publishers
4. Online Digital Media Developers Agricultural Content
5. Agricultural Public Relations
6. Producer of agricultural radio and television programs
7. Agricultural Video Producer
8. Educational material developers on agriculture
9. Marketing communicator for agricultural jobs
10. Sales promotion staff

9. Study Location

Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology,
Silpakorn University Phetchaburi IT Campus,
1 Moo 3, Sampraya, Cha-am, Phetchaburi, 76120

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11. Revised curriculum or Update Date

25 February 2021

12. TQF2

วท.บ.ภาวะผู้นำและการสื่อสารทางการเกษตร ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2563


13. Student handbook

student handbook Academic year 2022 Download

14. Useful Links

Facebook: หลักสูตรภาวะผู้นำและการสื่อสารทางการเกษตร มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร เพชรบุรี