Bachelor of Science Program in Agribusiness

Bachelor of Science Program in Agribusiness

1. Curriculum name

Bachelor of Science Program in Agribusiness

2. Degree name and field of study

Full degree title Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness)
Initial degree title
B.Sc. (Agribusiness)

3. Curriculum Philosophy

The program aims to produce graduates with the ability to connect knowledge of agricultural technology with agribusiness administration, and apply innovations in agribusiness as entrepreneurs and personnel with quality as well as ethics in agribusiness agencies.

4. Expected learning outcomes

1. Describe crop and economic animal production process, marketing process, and principles of agribusiness administration.
2. Establish and choose steps/guidelines on value added to agricultural products and food. Analyze investment feasibility for agribusiness plans writing.
3. Analyze problems and suggest guidelines to solve problems of agribusinesses in compliance with principles of agribusiness administration with morality, ethics, and collaborative skills.
4. Integrate knowledge of production, marketing, and agribusiness administration to create agribusiness achievements in compliance with principles of research methodology.
5. Describe and present agribusiness data/ information with information technology and in English language.

5. Admission criteria

Grade 12 (or M.6) certificate or other equivalent certificates in compliance with the regulations of Ministry of Education.

6. Duration of study

Bachelor’s Degree, 4-year program

7. Curriculum structure and requirements credits

Number of credits Total of graduate credits not less than 135 credits
Curriculum Structure
(1) General Education Courses not less than 30 credits
(2) Specific Requirement Courses not less than 99 credits
(2.1)Core Subjects total 36 credits
(2.2)Required Subjects total 54 credits
(2.3)Elective Subjects not less than 9 credits
(3) Free Elective Courses not less than 6 credits


8. Prospective Careers for Graduates Or Possible Careers after Graduation

1) Entrepreneurs of agricultural and food products.
2) Agribusiness persons as employees/executives in private agricultural agencies.
3) Agribusiness persons as employees/executives in private agencies that support/ relate to agricultural businesses.
4) Agribusiness persons in public agencies that support/relate to agricultural businesses.
5) Researchers, scholars, teachers, and lecturers in agribusiness

9. Study Location

Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology, Silpakorn University, Phetchaburi IT Campus. Postal Address: 1 Moo 3 Cha-am-Pranburi Road, Sampraya Sub-district, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi, Thailand. 76120

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11. Revised curriculum or Update Date

25 February 2021

12. TQF2

วท.บ.ธุรกิจการเกษตร ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2562

วท.บ. ธุรกิจการเกษตร ฉบับปี พ.ศ. 2557

13. Student handbook

student handbook Academic year 2022 Download

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